Twinkle Tale (Sega Genesis)

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Twinkle Tale (Sega Genesis)
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Game Description:
Twinkle Tale is an English translated top-down shooter game. The witch apprentice Saria is called into service to stop the machinations of the evil wizard Gadou using three magical spells given to her by a fortuneteller, rescuing her master and the other great wizards along the way.

Game Play:
The game offers players three distinct spells that the player has for the entire game and can freely switch between them at any point with the C button.

In addition, the player can upgrade these spells by acquiring stars, up to three levels. If Saria gets hit, the player loses health and one level of their currently equipped spell. If a spell is fully powered up, picking up another upgrade randomly upgrades one of the other two spells instead. The player can also find two types of bombs: one that chases targets and another that clears the whole screen.