Super Metroid Ice Metal Uninstall - (Super Nintendo SNES)

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The great forces of the Galactic Federation Marine Corps were forced to evacuate planet Nerion III.

The issue was too big for them to handle, yet too big for the federation to ignore.
Therefore, once again, they had no choice but to turn to Samus Aran.
An extraordinary bounty hunter armed with the end-all-be-all of Chozo warfare and survival technology, her mission was simple:
"Venture into the deepest reaches of the planet and disable the Aurora Unit originally placed there for research."
But what vicious creatures lurk below the surface that can make even the fearless GFMC turn their backs and flee like sissies?

This is a ticket into the world of Ice Metal. Can you uncover the dark, deep secrets buried in Nerion III? Or will you die trying...?

Ice Metal is a Super Metroid hack that puts a great emphasis on exploration, rather then combat. There are some new power ups and tricks you need to master in order to beat the game completely. However, the main aim of the hack is to be as close to vanilla Super Metroid in difficulty as possible!

There is one new move you need to learn to beat the game: Which is mid air morphing. How-to: Press down twice in mid air while holding jump button down.

Ice metal was made for everyone, not just experienced, beginners, nor casual players. Rather, regardless of your experience with Super Metroid you can jump in and enjoy this hack.

This is also one of the few Super Metroid hacks that futures a major plot. It is generally set after fusion in a “what could happen after fusion” scenario.