Super Mario Advance 4 Bros 3 BONUS 38 e-Reader ecard Levels Gameboy Advance GBA

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Super Mario Advance 4 Bros 3 Bonus 38 e-Reader Levels
  • Game Cartridge
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    Game Description 

    This is an enhanced version of Super Mario Advance 4 (Super Mario Bros 3) for the GBA. The cart comes with all 38 e-Reader levels available to play and the in game color palette has been restored to the quality of the Super Nintendo (SNES) version.

    Instructions to Save E-Reader Levels:
    Press start and select "save" while in the World-E map screen (E-Reader Levels). Select "yes" and this will return you to the title screen. Next, simply start or open a Save Game slot in the main game (Super Mario Bros 3) and save there as well. This will also cause your progress in World-E to be saved.