Super Bomberman Collection (5 in 1) 1 2 3 4 5 - (SNES)

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Super Bomberman Collection 5 in 1 (SNES):
  • Multicart Game Cartridge
  • Does not work on Clone systems like Retron
Game Description 

Get ready for hours of fun with the Bomberman Collection Cartridge.  You can play single player mode, head to head competition, co-op play, multiplayer action and more.  This custom cartridge offers five Super Bomberman titles that were originally released on Super Famicom.  
This multicart has an easy to use integrated menu system. Simply turn on the game and you’ll see the title screen. Select your favorite Bomberman game and its bombs away! Ready to change games? Turn your console off, then back on, and your back at the title selection screen.