Sonic in Streets of Rage 3 - (Sega Genesis)

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Streets of Rage 3 that adds Sonic the Hedgehog into the game as a main character! Fight your way through the this Beat Em Up Game with Sonic. You can even become Super Sonic to beat up on the enemies!
Despite having been defeated twice, Mr. X is far from finished in his efforts to take control of the city. He has been laying low, using Robocy Corporation as a front for the Syndicate Crime Organization's business activites. And he has now brought in a genius, if eccentric, roboticist, Dr. Dahm, to help him with his newest scheme: To replace key city officials with exact robot duplicates under his control, allowing him to run the entire city by remote control. To divert the police's attention, he has his men plant bombs around the city. 
However, one Robocy Corporation researcher, Dr. Gilbert Zan, digs a little too far into corporate files and finds the connection between Robocy Corp and the Syndicate. Due to his criminal record, he can't go to the police with this information, so instead, he goes to Blaze Fielding, and tells her that the Syndicate plans to capture and replace the Chief of Police.
Blaze quickly sends word to her friends, Axel Stone and Adam Hunter, about what's going on. Axel quickly responds, but Adam has his obligations to the police force and can't come, though he sends his brother Eddie "Skate" Hunter on his behalf. Together, they will work together to stop the bombings and put a stop to the Syndicate once and for all!