Sin and Punishment (N64)

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Sin and Punishment (N64)

  • Custom Cartridge (English Translated)

***Red RAM Expansion Pak Required to Play this Game*** 

Sin and Punishment is a rail shooter and shooting gallery video game. The player can switch between two gun modes at any time. The first is the lock-on gun, which as its name implies will lock onto any of your opponents when the cursor is moved toward the enemy. The second is the manual gun, which is considerably more powerful though harder to aim (note: this is arguable). Different situations may require use of different modes.

On the bottom of the gun is a "night stick", which is basically an advanced sword. While the sword is much more powerful than the gun (manual gun shots deal 1 damage per shot while the sword deals 20), it can only be used when going against enemies close to the protagonist. While it's most common use is close combat, some projectiles can be reflected with the sword, where it'll return to wherever the gun is aimed. The counter attack is the most powerful attack that the main characters can perform.

The two main characters are capable of jumping (single jumping and double jumping) and rolling, which can allow the character to get extras or roll out of enemy fire.

During each level, a time counter will be placed at the top and will slowly decrease as you play the game. If it reaches zero, then the characters' health will start to decrease. The player can, however, find special bonuses that'll increase their time.