Shin Megami Tensei - (SNES)

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Shin Megami Tensei (English Language):
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Game Description 
This is a NSTC English Translated repro of Shin Megami Tensei that was originally on Super Famicom.

A boy lives with his mother in an area of Tokyo known as Kichijoji. One night, he has a strange dream. In his dream, the boy wanders into another dimension and enters a maze. There he encounters talking doors, a crucified boy, a boy tortured by demons, a strange girl, and a mysterious ritual...

Once he awakens from this dream, he learns that a murder in nearby Inogashira Park has set the whole city on edge, and the police are preventing anyone from entering or leaving the area. Along with this news, the boy discovers that someone has sent him a strange email containing a file called the "Demon Summoning Program," that seems to do exactly what it sounds like...