Sailor Moon R "Brawler" - Pink Edition - (SNES)

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This game is in a custom Pink Cartridge.  Its a custom English translated Beat’em Up / Brawler game, except you get to brawl with the Sailor Moon girl of your choice.
Like most Beat’em Ups, you have your basic attack, hold, and unblockable move that hurts you if it connects. You also have a limited amount of super moves that will instantly kill any non-boss enemy on the screen.

Graphically, the game is pretty decent, as is the sound, but the animation doesn’t really seem all that fluid, which makes a lot of attacks look jerky.

As for the difficulty, it’s laughable at first, but by the time you get to the Crystal Tokyo stage the game becomes merciless. Unless you pull out some sweet Sailor Kung Fu, soon your last continue will be gone and the Black Moon UFO will triumph. Tuxedo Mask would be ashamed!