Pokemon Rocket Science (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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Your boss, the one and only, Giovanni has called together his top pokemon scientists and experts - their mission, to create the most powerful pokemon in the world. And while your peers will be testing DNA, acquiring new evolution techniques, and so on, your character has been given the most important assignment - fieldwork. Help Team Rocket achieve its ultimate goal to protect the world from devastation in this all-new, original Pokemon ROM hack. Made by LocksmithArmy.

  • New Story with new main character graphics
  • Lots of new items for which to play around
  • New Poke locations
  • New maps
  • and so much more!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Connor Chavez
      Worked out so well

      Love ROM Hacks but I don't understand how to play them online, gave up and found this website, I bought 2 or 3 just to see if the site was legit. I think I am at 10 now. Love the place, their quick and easy.

      Christopher Blankenship
      Great But Not For Moded Systems

      I enjoy all of the games based on the first ones that came out in the realm of Pokémon and this one was a bit of a switch up and nice change of pace. However...if you have a gba mod I don't recommend getting this particular title a moded system causes a glitch where the help menu keeps popping up. This is however the first time I have had this issue and I have bought many of the other Pokémon titles retrogamersus has to offer so either way I am delighted with this

      chris morgan
      Great Game

      The game arrived on time and well packed.Played for hours without issue.Would buy from here again.

      Cody Gutzmann
      Fun but slightly disappointed with game

      It’s fire red with an altered story and a few altered conversations. Fun stealing peoples Pokémon however I’m sad that I can’t use them.