Pokemon Trading Card Game 1 and 2 Combo Cart (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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This is a custom combo repro cart that has both Pokemon Trading Card Game 1 and 2.  Pokemon Trading Card Game 2 is an English translation of the Japanese exclusive card game "Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!" (Pokémon Trading Card Game 2) for the Game Boy Color.
*Original Screen Aspect Ratio is maintained for this game.  That means it has the pixel perfect screen size of the Gameboy Color but on a GBA screen.  So it doesn't stretch the image.

Experience the fun of battling and collecting with your favorite Pokemon Cards.  Build a themed deck to take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses and destroy them.  Follow through the journey and defeat the Great Team Rocket.  
The Original Gameboy Color Screen Aspect Ratio is maintained.
Save Function Works.
Save Instructions - This game uses save states.  After selecting a game, press "L+R" during game play to access the menu.  You can select "Save State" to save your game at any point or you can select "Load State" to load your save progress.