Pokemon TPP Twitch Play (GB)

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Pokemon TPP Version  - "Twitch Plays Pokemon"
  • Game Cartridge
  • Custom Case
Game Description 

Explore the Kanto region to collect all 151 Pokemon by Professor Oak. Do you have what it takes to build your team, conquer the Elite Four, and complete your Pokedex?
  • Encounter and collect up to 151 different Pokemon
  • Fight against encounters and trainers of increased difficulty
  • Take on the 8 Gym Leaders and the Pokemon League with higher level teams
  • Master the Battle Tent! Show your might against waves of trainers!
  • Explore NEW and HIDDEN DUNGEONS and battles EXCLUSIVE to this version!
  • Show true mastery and claim your Diploma for full completion!
  • Requires basic ready ability to fully enjoy the entertaining story