Pokemon Team Rocket (Gameboy GB) Cover #1

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Pokemon Team Rocket Edition for the Game Boy. This is a custom made game and is a hack of Pokemon Red. The game is in English. It is region free and has been tested on the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP. It also works with the Retron 5.

The story line is simple, you play as a member of Team Rocket who reports directly to Giovanni. Help him grow Team Rocket's influence on the region of Aster by completing missions and taking over cities along the way.

  • New Story Line
  • New Gameplay Features
  • New Graphics
  • New World
  • New Items
  • New Types/Attacks

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Josh Kelley

    Great game

    Andrew Begley
    Overall good remake

    Gameplay is great but why am I prof oak in the battle scenes and the police are still team rocket could use some more tweaking but I enjoyed I thought I could steal trainers mons but it won’t let me

    If you want the feature to steal Pokémon from your opponents, you can try Pokémon Fire Red Rocket Edition for GBA. That's probably the game you are looking for.

    Christine DiGiovanni
    Incorrect hack version

    I bought this hack for my husband as a gift. He really enjoyed it and said it was very challenging but it was not the hack we were expecting, where you can steal a trainer's Pokemon after defeating them. After doing some research we found out there are multiple team rocket hacks, and the one we expected is hacked from the red version, and this one is blue. The description on this site says, "This is a custom made game and is a hack of Pokemon Red" but that is not accurate. The picture of the item is correct, showing the blue cartridge, and I overlooked this detail when I bought it. So overall he enjoyed the game and I was happy with the purchasing/shipping but just disappointed we couldn't steal Pokemon! lol

    Rocket edition

    Awesome game! Saves and was delivered fast! Highly recommend doing business here!

    Best Pokémon Experience in a Long Time

    I have been playing Pokémon since 1997 and can honestly say that this game is 100% worth every dollar spent. Team Rocket has the nostalgia of the old games, with an added difficulty and new story line that keeps you entertained throughout. Game also saves great. I highly recommend for any Pokémon fan!