Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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The classical Pokémon Gold has been remade meticulously with colorful graphics and new gameplay. Enter the Johto region and explore all the amazing mysteries of Pokémon.  Then, traverse through the vast regions of Kanto, Hoenn, plus a special section with Orange Archipelago and Battle Frontier.

  • More than 900 Pokémon, Gen I to IX, legends and Alola Forms, catch’em all without need trading.
  • Mega Evolution & Treastallization available.
  • New evolutionary stones includes: Cable Link, Metal Coat, King’s Rock, Prism Scale, Oval Stone, Shiny Stone, Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone and a bunch more, including new eeveelutions.
  • Battle Pyramid, Battle Tower, Battle Pyke, Battle Palace, Battle Arena, Battle Dome and Battle Factory available.
  • New effects added, like entrance into a new place, ash grass, high grass, micro grass.
  • Competitive stuff available, coloured stats, IV and EV suggestion.
  • Be able to rightfully fly everywhere and using Clear Bell to UltraFly between regions.
  • Leaders offers rematch in Johto, Kanto, Orange Islands and Hoenn.
  • Badges as Crystal order and coloured.
  • Improved graphics, colorful & elegant.
  • New music set list.
  • New Pokémon and events.
  • Pokémon Center Second Floor avaliable to trade, play and battle with your friends using Colisseum Battle Mode. Also a Wonder Trade feature is available.
  • New moveset to use out of the battle.
  • New sprites include: new main character minisprite, new places, tiles, trainers sprites, Pokémon sprites, several graphs, etc.
  • Pokemon are more likely to capture that were previously quite rare (Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar and Paldea species).
  • Sounds remastered & enhanced, more aligned to Pokémon Crystal version.
  • RTC is static / disabled
  • Leaders reinforced, more difficult & new Ex-Elites.
  • Several improvements through the years, including now more legendaries like Walking Wake, Gouging Fire and Raging Bolt.
  • Get exclusive Pokémon like Pichu Spike Ear or Crystal Onix.
  • Be able to use Dive and Vine Whip.
  • New items, new main characters, history, places, music, events.
  • New Pokémon icons, new trades, Bicycle fixing, new improvements Black & White style, includes: Earn EXP while capture, TM unlimited use, 1 PS survival, repel’s system, Kanto Alola Forms, among others.
  • Complete Pokémon Location and available Pokédex to index them all. Gotta catch’em all!

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      great game

      it's a must

      Tyler Adair

      Is this the most up to date version of the game? I noticed that the health bar is different from the one I have on my emulator. First pic is what it’s supposed to look like. Second picture in the middle is what I’m guessing is what it looks like on this cartridge

      Hi, this is the latest version of Pokémon Shiny Gold Sigma v1.5.1 as of the date of this response. When I created the cover art, I just took screenshots from the web, not screenshots from the latest version of the game. That may explain the variances.