Pokemon Giratina (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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You are a 13 year old boy/girl who's father owns a large company called EDGE Co. in the LUNOH REGION. One morning your father asks you to meet him at his office. There he asks you to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a POKéMON MASTER, because he never had the chance when he was younger. You accept and receive your very first POKéMON, an EEVEE!

And so your adventure begins! On the way you will meet many unique people, and face many challenges including the evil TEAM GENESIS who plan to release GIRATINA from the DISTORTION WORLD and use its power for world domination. Of course it's up you you to stop them, you are the protagonist after all.


  • EEVEE as your starter
  • EEVEE evolves to ESPEON and UMBREON with a SUNSTONE and MOONSTONE respectively
  • All evolution stones can be purchased at the large mart in DRALLIA TOWN (where second gym is located)
  • Swapped eeveelutions' quick attack with their same type moves (Vaporeon now learns watergun at level 23 and quick attack at 16, etc.)
  • All POKéMON that evolved by trade evolve by MOONSTONE now.
  • 66 Fakemon
  • 11 gyms
  • Run indoors
  • New regions
  • -Fancy new tiles
  • -Fancy new story with twists and turns along the way