Pokemon Dark Energy (GBC)

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Pokemon Dark Energy
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Mr. Burton, known as the richest man in the region is searching for 5 ancient Elemental Orbs that are scattered across the world.

You are a student who is asked to see the professor at the university due to an exceptional find in the East Rocky Mountains. There is ancient writing about Elemental Orbs and how they were created 1000s of years ago.

You'll eventually start discovering more about the Elemental Orbs as you progress. There are myths about the 'The Great Crisis' and disappearance of energy in the past.

  • Explore a whole new world with everything made from scratch: maps, texts, scripts etc.
  • Unique story line and lots of boss fights
  • Elements of other RPG games; side quests, character development and more
  • Mini Games such as "Magical Book", "Magikarp man" and more
  • Plenty of game-engine hacks