Pokemon A Grand Day Out (GBA)

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Custom fan made mod game. Do you like Team Rocket? Do you like crazy? Then you'll enjoy this mini-hack. This game consists of an hour or two of gameplay. Originally, it was made for the Speedhacking contest at a Pokécommunity Get-Together. It follows a young Trainer through one day in his or her life - and it isn't an easy one. In the morning, they're almost blown up, and by lunchtime, he or she does is trying to figure out why Team Rocket keep trying to blow up roads, forests and mountains - with the help of Giovanni, of all people. I'd give more details, but if I did that I'd give away the entire plot, since it's really quite short. 

Play as a Pokémon Trainer! Dress up as a Team Rocket member for a brief time! Catch a Cubone! Sorry, but there aren't actually any radically new features here. This is just the video game equivalent of an amusing short story; designed for immediate consumption and subsequent throwing away.