Mother 25th Anniversary Edition Earthbound Beginnings Zero (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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Mother 25th Anniversary GBA (English Translated)
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This remaster aims to make Mother much more enjoyable for both Earthbound fans and those playing it for the first time. This game has graphical and gameplay updates and its  a complete English translation of the Japanese RPG Mother (Earthbound Zero / Beginnings) for GBA.

All enemy graphics, NPC sprites and tiles are be redrawn from scratch to be more faithful to the clay models. The goofy enemies are goofier and the creepy enemies are creepier. A shiny new font and title screen was added, too!

The overworld has been tweaked to be much less bleak and repetitive, so it’s harder to get lost. There is more scenery, areas are more colorful and confusing areas like Duncan’s factory have been simplified. On the other hand, tiny areas like the Cemetery or Snowman have been expanded.

There are also a lot of changes under the hood. Enemies will yield slightly more exp and the encounter rate has been readjusted. The “Dangerous Foe” battle theme is used less often and party members will be met at a higher level. Over 1400 lines of text have been altered to create connections with the rest of the series, improve clarity and shorten reading time. This hack will also feature much quicker battle text. Battles progress almost twice as quickly!