Metroid II DX: Return of Samus (GBA)

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Metroid II DX: Return of Samus (GBA)
  • Game Cartridge
  • Clear Protective Game Case
Metroid II DX: Return of Samus for GBA is the Gameboy classic in full color on a custom Gameboy Advance cartridge.

This is a an impressive full color remaster of Metroid II: Return of Samus. The result is a much more distinct color palette when compared to the Game Boy Color preset color schemes. This update is known as EJRTQ Colorization version 1.3.

The game displays in it's original aspect ratio. Therefore, no full screen option or to stretch the screen image so that you can maintain the pixel perfect aspect ratio.

The game comes we a clear protective case. Tested and save function works. Both in game saving and save states work. Save states enable the game to be saved at anytime during game play by pressing L+R to access the options menu.

    The game has you tasked with heading to SR-388 to eradicate the entire Metroid population. Explore the large map as you hunt down the last 40 Metroids and finally face off the Mother Metroid, now in vibrant color!