Metroid Fusion & Zero Mission (GBA)

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Metroid Fusion & Zero Mission Bundle 
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Metroid Fusion

An encounter with the deadly X-Parasite leaves Samus Aran in critical condition.  Federation doctors and scientists only barely save her life and in the process had to fuse Metroid DNA with her own.  Now, tasked with investigating a research station infected with X-Parasites.  Samus must stop being a hunter and become a Predator.

Metroid Zero Mission
The first Metroid game just scratched the surface of the cataclysmic events on Planet Zebes, and at long last the rest of the tale has come to light.

Experience the first of Samus' legendary adventures through all-new cut scenes and action sequences as the bounty hunter races through the deeps towards her showdown with the leader of the Space Pirates. But will the end of the mighty Mother Brain actually mean the end of the game's story?

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