Megaman Battle Network 4.5 Real Operation- (GBA)

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Mega Man Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation (English Translated)
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Game Description 
At long last, the hidden gem can finally be played by Western audiences! The game is an outlier in the series, where you can choose from over 20 NetNavis to play with. In battle, you don't control your Navi directly, but they move on their own, and you are restricted to sending them commands and BattleChips.

***This uses a simulated Real-Time clock that's prompted during every start up. Tested and saving works.***

New features added along with the translation include:

a) Unlocked BattleChip Gate NetNavis after game completion

b) A Simulated Real-Time Clock (prompted to adjust every start up)

c) Unlock all chips in the data library by pressing LLRLRLRR on the title screen under the continue option

d) Fight Bass XX without cheat codes by first defeating Bass Ω in the Under Tournament. Then, with that same Navi, sign up for the Under

Tournament again. Once it's the weekend of the tournament, on the Title Screen, press L + Left + START while the screen shows PRESS START. Bass XX will then replace Bass Ω as the final opponent of the tournament.

Whenever a Navi beats the Official Tournament for the first time, you will receive a Trophy. Every time you do so, you will also unlock 1 or 2 new Navis for you to play with.

1 trophy unlocks FireMan & WoodMan;

2 trophies unlocks WindMan;

3 trophies unlocks SearchMan & AquaMan;

4 trophies unlocks ThunderMan;

5 trophies unlocks MetalMan & JunkMan;

6 trophies unlocks ProtoMan.