Magical Chase (GBC)

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Magical Chase
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Game Description 

Magical Chase GBC is a port of the classic shooter/Cute 'em up for the Turbo-Grafx 16 that was made for the Game Boy Color. The port was only released in Japan, but has been translated and now put onto a cart with a full English translation and will work in any Game Boy that will play Game Boy Color games.

The story involves a student of magic named Ripple, who accidentally released six demons by looking into her teacher's forbidden book. Unless she rounds up the demons and puts them back, her teacher will turn Ripple into a frog!

Shoot your way through six stages with super colorful graphics, and make sure to take down as many enemies as possible to collect gems to spend in the floating shop to power-up yourself to prepare yourself in the fight against the demons.

Experience the sought-after, much talked-about shooter in this port of the Game Boy Color!

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      juan balandran
      Great title

      Having a great time with this game