Legend of Zelda Link to the Past / Four Swords (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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Legend of Zelda Link to The Past Four Swords (GBA)
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Join Link in an adventure that is a retelling of everyone’s favorite classic Super Nintendo (SNES) role-playing game with a new multiplayer mode. It blends past and present game technology in the masterful way that only Nintendo can. 
Follow Link as he receives a telepathic message from the princess asking him for his help. This quest will lead Link into twisting mazes, dungeons, palaces, and dark forests. He will travel between the light world and the dark world searching for the Master Sword. His goal is to defeat Ganon and bring peace to the land of Hyrule. Clutch your GBA tightly as you traverse a scary dungeon in Hyrule castle and battle gruesome monsters. As you embark on your quest to save Princess Zelda and the kingdom, you will be faced with mind-bending challenges. 
But that's not all, there is also the all-new multiplayer adventure, The Four Swords. The multiplayer mode can be accessed by up to four Game Boy Advance players. You will need to use a Game Link Cable and the same cartridge. In The Four Swords, two to four players take on the roles of young adventurers. They are on an epic quest from the Triforce. These adventurers brave the dangers of multiple dungeons and reclaim the Master Sword. You will have to draw your swords and work together with the other players to solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and overcome obstacles. Players will also be competing to see who can collect the most Rupees and finish with the highest score. It combines the perfect blend of multiplayer cooperation and competition. Once you complete the multiplayer game, you can unlock a new bonus dungeon. This bonus level is called The Palace of the Four Swords. You can also unlock a new side quest known as the Riddle Quest.