Legend of Zelda Collection - 7 Games in 1 (GBA)

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Legend of Zelda Collection 7 in 1 (GBA)
  • Custom Clear Green Cartridge
  • Clear Protective Case
  1. Legend of Zelda (NES version)
  2. Legend of Zelda 2 (NES version)
  3. Zelda Link to the Past & Four Swords (GBA version)
  4. Zelda Link's Awakening DX (GBC version)
  5. Zelda Oracle of Ages (GBC version)
  6. Zelda Oracle of Seasons (GBC version)
  7. Zelda The Minish Cap (GBA version)

Original Gameboy Color Screen Aspect Ratio is maintained.

Save Function works. Does not work on clone systems like Retron 5 or Analogue Pocket. Comes with clear protective case. Tested on GBA, GBA SP, and DS Lite.