Go Go Ackman - (SNES)

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Go Go Ackman (with Custom Case):
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Ackman wakes from a 50-year nap to gather souls for his Master.  With him is Godon, a small red demon who carries a jar for collecting souls.  Standing in the way of Ackman is Tenshi, an angel who loathes Ackman, and Michaela, the ‘Great Angel’ and Superior of Tenshi.  Of the two (Tenshi and Michaela), Tenshi is the primary antagonist, and he frequently hires or enlists goons (Bosses) to take out Ackman.  Interestingly, the ‘angels’ are anything but ‘good’ or ‘pure,’ and are depicted as dastardly and scheming!  So fear not if you happen to be thinking, “A game where I have to fight angels?  I don’t know…”  These guys are ‘angels’ in name only!  And the ‘souls’ Ackman collects are only from the goons of Tenshi, who were up to no good in any event.