Fix It Felix Jr. Wreck it Ralph - (Sega Genesis)

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Fix It Felix Wreck it Ralph (Sega Genesis)
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Game Description:
Fix-It Felix is Niceland's hammer wielding maintenance man who's beloved by all. When he is not busy fixin' all of Ralph's Wrecking', this gold medal winning good guy is being showered with kisses, praise and pies from his tenants. Hardwired for niceness, anything other than being "The Good Guy" just doesn't compute. Unfortunately for Niceland's tenants, Wreck-It Ralph is at it again. Smashing anything he can get his gigantic paws on! So it's Up to Felix once more to fix all the damage and save the day!

Here is Fix it Felix for the Sega Genesis. Experience this game the way it was meant to be played on an old school game system.