Dragon Quest V - (Super Nintendo SNES)

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English translated version of Dragon Quest V.  This is a custom repro game. If you like the old-school RPG genre than you will love Dragon Quest V. This is the first Dragon Quest game to appear on the Super Famicom / SNES. The graphics very retro and are similar to Dragon Quest IV, and the basic game engine is still the same. The story revolves around the son of Papas, who is either a King or a wandering mercenary. That’s for you to figure out. Of course, you play as Papas’ son. The beginning part of the game focus on your adventures as you follow Papas around while he carries out various jobs, at the age of six. This abruptly ends when tragedy strikes and you end up in captured. You eventually escape and arrive back at your hometown some ten years later, only to find that the region has been more or less turned upside-down in your absence. You of course have to set things right, and this of course sends on a much larger quest, eventually following the footsteps of your father.