Do Re Mi Fantasy Milon's Quest- (SNES)

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DoReMi Fantasy - Milon's Quest (English):
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Game Description 
This is an English translated version of Do-Rei-Mi Fantasy - Milon's Quest, which was originally a Japanese exclusive for Super Famicom.  Now you can play it on your US Super Nintendo System.
In the game, Milon, a young boy, heads in a mission to restore the music from the forest of his hometown and rescue his friend, the fairy Alis, from an evil wizard known as Amon, who is also responsible for the music's disappearance. To do this, he must collect a series of magic instruments that are being held by Amon's strongest minions. However, said instruments have had their power locked away after Amon corrupted them, so Milon must also collect stars to purify the instruments.