Pokemon Prism (GBC)

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Pokemon Prism 
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This is the story of Prism, the son/daughter of Lance. After playing in his uncle’s mine cart in an unidentified region, it somehow spins out of control and ends up in the region of Naljo. Naljo is a developing region bent on the dream of purist industrialization. After finding a lost Larvitar, Prism must collect the eight Naljo badges while fixing all that is wrong with this corrupted region.


  • New region of Naljo (bigger than Johto)
  • Return of the region of Rijon
  • 252 Pokemon to find coming from all four generations
  • New music
  • New types: Fairy, Gas and Sound
  • New TM/HM set
  • Gold Token system - save them up and get something good. Can you find all 80 of them?
  • Four crafting Skills
  • Side Scrolling areas
  • New mini-games

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Kyle Eller
      Great game!

      Everything runs great in game. No glitches or issues yet. Diverse landscape and new storyline is something unique and just what I was looking for! Highly recommend for anyone wanting to feel the nostalgia of playing a GBC game while experiencing something new.

      James Miller

      Pokemon Prism (GBC)

      Brandon De la Cruz
      Great game.

      Been playing it on my GBA SP. The one minor issue I have is the RTC staying on the time I set at the beginning of the game. Could be my device but its not a deal breaker. Great cartridge and game regardless.