Pokemon Crystal Clear v2.5.10 (GBC)

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Custom fan made game. What makes it unique is that it is entirely open world - there is no main story and you're free to play however you want. It's almost like a Pokemon version of Skyrim. You can choose to start your adventure in either Pallet or New Bark Town. But from there, where you go is up to you. HM traps, plot-based roadblocks, and other obstructions have all been removed, leaving the whole map open for you to explore from the start. There's even a bridge added so you can travel straight from Johto to Kanto (or vice-versa).  RTC on this cartridge is static. However, each time you start the game you are able to set the clock to change the time. 

There is minor trainer customization (appearance and starting town) and you can tackle all 16 gyms in any order. Gym leaders' levels and team compositions will scale up based on the number of badges you have. After you've conquered them all, you can re-battle them at whatever 'badge scale' you wish, to take on their strongest or weakest teams. You need a total of 8 badges (any 8) to challenge the Elite Four.


Version 2.5.10 (Label art may vary)

Fixed Bugs from 2.5.9 version


All 251 Pokemon made obtainable

7 different male and female trainer sprites to choose from, with basic color customization

28 different selectable starter Pokemon

Restoration of Kanto dungeons (Safari Zone, Cerulean Cave, Seafoam Islands, etc.)

Following-Pokemon, and unique menu sprites for each Pokemon species

Running shoes, and fast-travel options

Dedicated NPC for trade-back evolution

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Leo Sanchez
    Pokemon Crystal Clear

    This game was amazing played it for days and days:) Great change of gameplay, really loved the open world and to top it off, you can trade with authentic Pokémon games. Well worth the money!!!’

    Benjamin D.

    This is hands down my favorite Pokemon Rom Hack. The GBC cartridge and case look and feel excellent! I have never had this much fun playing pokemon til this Crystal Clear versions came out, I love all the features. Like I loved the yellow and silver version I use to play, but this game gose above and beyond that. Something I wish Shockslayer would do if he updates it again is to add a Charcific valley of high level Charizards with new dragon items, and that lady trainer from the anime. Have like a challenging test to earn a really awesome item that will make your Charizard stronger in defense while adding some health after each turn like a leftovers item. Would be real sweet. And to be able to catch the Charizards there with some at level 100 maybe have one as a shiny. Or to have her train your dragon type pokemon. Anyway this game is a masterpiece already just saying a Charcific valley would be a great addition. And honestly I wish you could catch all the shiny piggies in the game. Oh well. Thankyou RetrogamersUS for making it possible to play these games on handheld portable game consoles.

    Zach Roth

    Pokemon Crystal Clear v2.5.8 (GBC)

    Justin F.

    This game is super fun when compared to actual Crystal. I’m 4 badges in now and love the open world free roam layout with no obstacles to it. Runs pretty smooth playing on my SP and I was lucky enough to get a shiny Seel as my starter when I was resetting to try to get a girl!

    Nathan Wilkinson
    Hacked fun!

    Runs awesome and the cart looks really cool!