Tenchi Muyo RPG - (SNES)

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Tenchi Muyo RPG (English Translated)
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Game Description 
It is important in an RPG based on an anime for the story to stay true to the series, and in Tenchi Muyo! RPG, the story fits that prerequisite perfectly. Not only does the story contain the new characters who interact with their environment along with other characters, but it also contains the original cast of characters interacting in hilarious situations.  Fans of the anime will recall the constant battles between Aeka and Ryoko over Tenchi which happens very frequently in the game just as it does in the series.  

Tenchi Muyou! RPG takes gamers into the realm of Tenchi Muyo! the anime and allows them to control all of their favorite characters in a strategic RPG. The graphics are exceptional as well as the gameplay and the replay value, and the controls and music are great.