Smash Remix version 1.1.0 with Sonic - [Smash Bros Mod] (N64)

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Smash Remix v1.1.0 (N64) - ***Red RAM Expansion Pak Required to Play this Game*** 


Adds new stages and new characters like Marth, Conker, Bowser, Mewtwo, Wolf, Mad Piano, Dark Samus, Ganondorf, Young Link, Falco, Dr. Mario, Lucas, Wario and now SONIC the Hedgehog!

Customer Reviews

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Highly Recommend

If you have a n64, and you play it at all or plan on playing it ever again, you should get this game. Anyone know how to unlock the missing characters?

Elijah Moreno
The dlc I wanted 20 years ago

Great game works just like the original, I did notice it fees just a bit slower but barely noticeable, honestly great price for what you get!
New characters and maps are perfect

Dean N
Even better than expected!

Honestly, I was a bit concerned how this game would run on an actual n64 console. I was more than blown away by the game and the variety of options and maps. As well as the addition of great modes from other smash games. I enjoy this game more than the original by far. The only question I have is if I will somehow be able to get an updated version when they release the newer characters. 100% recommend this game, glad I got it for n64 even though there is a free rom available. No regrets. Happy customer.

Michael Bernal
Old memories with more

Super amazing and fun a little hard with the controls but that could be my controllers lol

Rex Sharkey
The childhood I never had

My only disappointment is that this was missing in the orginal smash bros game. Excellent!!