Legend of Zelda Nimpize Adventure (N64)

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Legend of Zelda Nimpize Adventure (N64)

  • Custom Gold Cartridge

***Red RAM Expansion Pak Required to Play this Game***


This is an incredible Zelda Ocarina of Time mod. It offers a new journey to Link, while mixing custom and regular content.


All original temples has been reworked to be more difficult, including new path, new mechanics, new order and different requirements. The game still follows Ocarina of Time progression, such as Child dungeons first, then Adult temples.

Like Ocarina of Time, going back in time is required at least once.



The story takes place during the events of Majora's Mask.

Because of his difficult past in Hyrule, Link is haunted by its own child life. He first sees Sheik in Ikana Graveyard appearing in front of him. Then, he sees Saria in Laundry Pool while trying to catch Sakon.

Few days later, Talt count him a story he knows from his brother. A story about a hero. A hero with a painful experience.

This story is in fact Link's alternate story of Hyrule: Nimpize Adventure.


New Content:

  • Story
  • 20 Heart Pieces
  • 12 Heart Containers
  • 100 Golden Skulltulas
  • Dungeons
  • Maps
  • Musics
  • Cutscenes