Tales of Phantasia - (SNES)

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Tales of Phantasia:
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Game Description 

Tales of Phantasia is a Super Nintendo RPG by Namco that originally came out in Japan in 1995. Now you can experience this wonderful role playing game translated in English! Tales of Phantasia was the first RPG for the SNES to feature a full J-Pop song and tons of voice acting. Not only that, the battle system is none like anyone had experienced before. They take place in a separate battle sequence like in any other RPG, but it plays like a 2D version of Secret of Mana.

In the Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS), the fight is played out on a two-dimensional terrain that usually stretches wider than a single screen width, so the screen can scroll to the left and to the right, depending on where the characters and opponents are relatively located. LMBS contains a pause menu during battle which lets the player select a spell or item. As in some fighting games, it is possible to assign items or combination moves to specific buttons as shortcuts for quick actions.