Super Metroid Zero Mission- (Super Nintendo SNES)

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This is the ultimate Super Metroid remake. Using tilesets and area themes from the Gameboy Advance Zero Mission, this version of the game plays like an obvious successor to the 1994 classic. With new enemies, new weapons and a world almost 3 times as big as the original, you will be kept busy for a long time.

The developer of this rom was truly dedicated, spending years creating this pristine Rom Hack. He even developed code to swap maps and data in and out of memory to get over the size limits imposed by the original games memory usage design. Every aspect of the game has been changed for the better. The normal “do one area and then the next” play has been replaced with having Samus traverse various areas before encountering even the first boss. The boss battles have been changed massively. Many of the boss face offs take place in rooms filled with lava that force you to swing around like Spiderman while battling your foe.