Front Mission Gun Hazard - (SNES)

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Front Mission Gun Hazard (English Version):
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Game Description 
As a side-scrolling shooter spin-off, the gameplay of Gun Hazard differs from the tactical role-playing game entries of the numbered Front Mission titles. Rather than being played out on a grid-based map and using a turn-based structure, battles takes place in real-time on scrolling 2D maps akin to Assault Suits Valken (titled Cybernator outside of Japan), a game which shared several key development staff with Gun Hazard. The player controls one character who pilots a mech known as the wanderpanzer, or wanzer. A second, AI-controlled ally unit can be chosen to provide support to the player during missions. The player can control their ally's actions, such as ordering them to retreat or use their special weapons. This ally unit can also be controlled by a second player through the use of a secret in-game cheat.