Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes - (Super Nintendo SNES)

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English Translated custom game.
Crimson Echoes takes place right after the events of Chrono Trigger in the year 1005 AD It starts where Marle and Crono are discussing the big tomorrow. Marle drilling Crono's head not to sleep in. They kiss and make their way home. Crono (Still living with his mom) is yet again forceably to wakened, but this time by Marle. Crono, Marle, and Lucca attend an important meeting at Guardia Castle between the nations of Guardia and Porre. Porre has grievances of some kind and some political mumbo jumbo goes on. After a suspicious encounter with the Porrean agents, our three heroes are caught in an unstable Time Gate generated by a Time Egg replica. They all share glimpses of events across time featuring their old friends, then find themselves greeted by Robo in the year 2305, who is assisting Belthasar in his hidden facility. And so the untold story of the eternally burning flames begins.