BS The Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets - (Super Nintendo SNES)

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BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets is essentially a "Master Quest" for A Link to the Past for the Satellaview which was a Japanese only attachment for the Super Famicom. The "BS" part stands for Broadcast Satellaview. This is an ENGLISH translated custom cart. It will work on the original Super Nintendo and not work on clone systems like Retron 5 because it has multiple selectable maps.

While following in the footsteps of A Link to the Past, BS Zelda: The Ancient Stone Tablets also features a slew of differences from the title it is heavily based on in terms of gameplay and graphics. Dungeons are completely revamped. The story is rather intriguing as well, a cherry on top for a great but forgotten gem. The game takes place six years after A Link to the Past and begins unfolding by diving deeper into the story of Aginah, the junior brother of everyone's favorite tongue twister Sahasrahla. He finds your character along with Princess Zelda and as the "Hero of Light" you must traverse the land slaying monsters as well as collecting the Ancient Stone Tablets hence the game's namesake.

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Steve Turple
The definitive repro of this game out there

After getting short-changed on a few other reproductions of this game elsewhere, I contacted this site and got quick, excellent, customer service. Felt confident in the purchase and bought it. Game and box was in excellent condition. Also, for those who don't know, this is the BEST version you can get of this. It has all 4 "weeks" on it (unlike other repros out there), AND back when this was broadcast on Satellaview there was voiceover for the timed events and where most repros just have a chime when one happens, this version has text captions at the bottom so you can have a clear picture of each event.

Highly recommended!

Jonathan Meidell
Great product

The case is very nice, and the cart looks and feels great. The game worked as promised. Worked on both original Super Nintendo hardware and on my Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio HD+.

BS The Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets

Great game, works great. Will definitely purchase from seller again. Thank you.


Item looks and plays great. Good quality. Fast shipping. Thanks.