Arabian Nights Desert Spirit King RPG - (SNES)

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Arabian Nights Desert Spirit King (RPG):
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Game Description 
Arabian Nights brings back the nostalgia from the golden age of RPGs. Turn back the clock and experience this wonderful game in full English right on your Super Nintendo.
The King of Djinns, Ifrit, was defeated by a man named Suleiman and made his servant. After some time, Suleiman is attacked and weakened to the point of not being able to go on. To grant Ifrit freedom, Suleiman seals him in a Contract Ring and shall be free after a thousand wishes have been granted by a thousand different people.
One century later, in the town of Bazaar, an orphan girl named Shukran finds the Contract Ring and unleashes Ifrit. With 999 wishes used throughout last the century, Shukran uses the last wish for peace in her homeland. Ifrit however cannot stray far from his ring, so Shukran and Ifrit travel the land together to make this possible.