Super Bubble Bobble MD - (Sega Genesis)

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Super Bubble Bobble MD - (Sega Genesis)
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Game Description:
Super Bubble Bobble MD is an unlicensed Sega MD game developed by Gamtec.
The gameplay is similar to Bubble Bobble Part 2 for Famicom/NES and Bubble Bobble 2 for arcade. The game consists of 10 worlds divided into 5 levels each one, with a boss in the fifth level. You can select a character from the 4 playable ones like the arcade game and like the Famicom game holding the button for shooting bubbles will make Bub or Cororon inflate like balloons, while Crayon Shin-Chan use one of his toy helmets and Doraemon use the hopter for fly.
The game allows the user to play as Bub and Cororon, as well as anime characters, Crayon Shin-Chan and Doraemon (Bob and Kululun does not appear).