Pokemon Ultra Violet (GBA)

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Custom Fan made repro game. Set off on a grand adventure to fulfill your dreams of becoming a Pokémon Master! Explore the Kanto region and discover wild Pokémon around every corner. Build your Pokémon collection and train. Then earn your badges against Gym Leaders in every town. 
  • Capture all Pokémon from the first three generations in a single game!
  • Catch legendary Pokémon previously only accessible through special Nintendo events!
  • Train and evolve all Pokémon forms without the need for trading!
  • Fully access previously hidden areas including all the Sevii Islands and the Altering Cave!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joshua Mallory
Catching Galore!!!

If you looking to have the feel of the original game and yet catch all Pokémon through Gen 3, this is your game!!! Got To Catch Them All!!!

Nick F
Awesome Game

Very fun twist on FireRed. Have already played through multiple times bc there are so many Pokémon options.

This game and others purchased through Retro Gamers have all been excellent