Pokemon Shiny Gold (GBA)

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Pokemon Shiny Gold (Remastered) Version
-Game Cartridge
-Custom Case
Game Description 

The classical Pokemon Gold has been remade meticulously with colorful graphics and new gameplay. Enter the Johto region and explore all the amazing mysterious of Pokemon then enjoy excited captures, battles or tradings then you will become the greatest Trainer ever.  This game is the BETA version and all other sellers are selling the BETA version. Three years after an adventure of a boy from Pallet Town, another boy from New Bank starts his adventure to change his life and change Pokemon World. Can he chase his dream?

Features BETA 

  • Pokemon Gold Storyline on GBA
  • Many differences with Pokemon Gold GBC
  • Travel to the center of Kanto (not Pewter/Viridian/Pallet)
  • Bigger Pokedex with more Hoenn Pokemon
  • New Characters and Trainers to create new battles
  • GS REMIXED Music and Sounds
  • Beta Version
  • New places and some remapped areas
  • Trick House with new puzzles
  • New Moves (TMs and HMs)