Pokemon Neon Blue (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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Explore the brand new region of Eon Town. Upon leaving your room, your sibling tells you that the professor is eagerly waiting for you to come to the lab to obtain your first Pokémon.

On your way to become the best trainer, you'll face challenges including two team rocket grunts and rivals which have made it their mission to spoil your plans.

+ Brand new region with lots of new maps, events that differ from the original games.
+ Town map and FLY HM02 disabled
+ Custom added ASM routines, palettes, sprites
+ Lots of Pokémon available, including all legendary Pokémon from Gen1 to Gen3
+ New music tracks
+ After the elite 4, you can battle against one of 19 NPCs
+ All 8 badges obtainable, Elite 4 & champion events included

Known Bugs:
+ Town Map disabled
+ HM Fly

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    LordOfTheMemes X
    I dunno

    I ordered this 3 or 4 weeks ago. Great pokemon game ever. Finally some pokemon I want to get from the start. I love it so much!