Pokemon My Ass (GBA)

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Pokemon My Ass Version - (Mature Language / Content)
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Game Description 

This Pokemon hack is hilarious and naughty. You are a young trainer who is a playboy. He's a show off who beats and scolds everyone. One day, his childhood rival tells him that he will become the best trainer of Johto Region.

This results in a fierce fight after Professor Oak gives both of you a Pokemon for battle. The young playboy wins convincingly. You and your rival made a deal: whoever becomes the Pokemon Champion first will have the right to have their opponent's ass handed to them. Let "My Ass" journey begin.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Devin Gill
    Is a good ROM

    Works mostly flawless, though twice have I went to start a important battle and it crashed, loosing some game time, just save often

    sean morris
    It's pretty standard

    It's a bit harder than a normal pokemon game with some funny moments here and there but nothing as wild as I was expecting.

    Lance C.
    Great Gag Gift

    Great gag gift that is actually playable. Bought this for my friend for his birthday and laughed so hard when he opened his gift. But then he told me a couple weeks later that he finished the game till the end lol.