Pokemon Korosu "Killer" (GBA)

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Pokemon Korosu (aka Pokemon Killer)
-Game Cartridge
-Custom Case
Game Description 
This is the spiritual sequel of Pokemon Outlaw. No need to play Pokemon Outlaw to understand the stories, but there are some events in Pokemon Korosu that have connections with Outlaw.
Pokemon Korosu is a story of a vengeful young lady, whose family has been killed by a criminal group. She was kidnapped, but with some help she escaped from their evil intentions. Now she must get her rightful revenge. This game will be incredibly dark and violent.  Be ready for a dark adventure.
  • Physical/Special/Status split for your Pokemon party.
  • Improved mechanics such as Continuous usage of Repels. 
  • Gen I - VI Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Tournament of 64 trainers replaces the Elite Four/Pokemon League.
  • Entirely new story with many different events and characters.
  • You can KILL a lot of people in this game with your Pokemon. (Not for Kids)