Pokemon Ash Gray (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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Custom made Fan developed game. Take the role of Ash Ketchum through all of his adventures! Ash grey follows the story of the hit anime series faithfully recreating every moment. This is the Pokemon game fans have been waiting for!

You're about to begin your Pokemon adventures. Unfortunately, you stayed up all night watching Pokemon matches and woke up late! With all your rivals from Pallet Town (the most annoying being Gary) having taken all the starters available, it looks like you'll just have to go home...unless you want Pikachu instead.

Embark on an adventure of 116 events (plus two movie events) that will put you in Ash's shoes, allow you to catch the Pokemon he catches, and make the decisions he makes. How will your journey as Ash Ketchum play out? There's only one way to find out!

      Customer Reviews

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      A fun game!

      Not only is this game fun I can sadly say that the scarf glitch that crashes the game has been fixed!!!! I’m so happy I’ve owned two cartridges previously and both had it so it’s nice to have a version that works!

      Glad you enjoyed the game! Sadly other sellers of this game may be using an older version which don't have the scarf glitch or ho-oh glitch fixed. I'm using a newer version which patches those glitches. Thanks!

      Joshua Frazier
      Just a Question

      Hey so I bought this game on ebay, which may be the problem lol, but when I get to the Bye Bye Butterfree story every time I try to buy a yellow scarf for him the game freezes. I may have an unfinished game, so the question is does the game on this site also do it? If not, I'm going to buy a copy of it or two.

      We haven't had any customers mention experiencing the Butterfree glitch. Also, the version we sell fixes the Ho-oH glitch.

      We have a 60 day warranty. So feel free to buy it and if you have any concerns contact us for a replacement or refund. Thanks!

      Jonathan Santamaria
      Pokémon: Ash Gray GBA

      Great game! Plays great!

      still waiting on the game boy...

      I haven’t been able to use it yet because my new game boy has not arrived yet...

      Robert Duggan

      Very good so far though when I battled team rocket for the first time when Pikachu fainted I sent out my spearow and its sprite was gone for that battle which was weird but other than that no issue so far