Silent Hill Play Novel (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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English translated Game.

*Game Cartridge will be Black or Clear Green depending on inventory

Play Novel - Silent Hill is an interactive visual novel game for the Game Boy Advance. It features some puzzles, choices that affect the story,  and multiple endings. There are two main scenarios; one each for Harry Mason and Cybil Bennett.

It's snowing out of season and it appears the place is deserted – however, as you begin looking around the empty streets, you soon see that monsters inhabit them. If that wasn't strange enough, the appearance of the town seems to be changing, leading Harry to wonder if he's going mad.

How the story goes will vary depending on the choices you make in this visual play novel. You will be asked to decide on things such as where to go next or whether to hide from a monster or fight it. Your decisions will affect your journey. Choose wisely.

Customer Reviews

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Nathan Girard

I'm so happy with this game. I own the original Japanese version. The English translation is the only way I can actually experience the game as a native English speaker. I honestly cannot thank the creators enough for this product 10/10 stars.

Xoe Eugenia
as a non-gamer

As a non-gamer, I just started exploring the world of ROM hacks and fan translations. I love the ephemera of the game world. Things like this Silent Hill visual novel are perfect because I ain't tryna press any buttons in rapid succession, yet I get to have a fun experience of the Silent Hill story and atmosphere. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to experience oddities and off-beat stories here, like the pokemon games on offer, and this shop makes them accessible to me because I also don't know what an emulator is and will be playing my 2004 Gameboy advance SP until I die.
So far my cartridges have been working well- pokemon prism has crashed a couple times but I've just been better about saving and that's fine. I also get the sense the customer service is good should it be needed.

Jessica Adore
Excellent Price, Excellent Title

I have an original Japanese copy of this game and now this one since I found out it exists. I have a newfound love for this title now that I don't have to translate it as I play like the old days. Shipping was fast, I love the casing and artwork that came with it - all around an excellent purchase. Thanks again .