Rhythm Heaven Silver - (GBA)

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Rhythm Heaven Silver (Rhythm Tengoku) English Fan Translation 
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Game Description 
Rhythm Heaven Silver (aka Rhthm Tengoku) is an English Translated verison and its gameplay focuses on audio cues rather than visual cues to convey information to players. It features a number of unique stages which have their own type of rhythm and gameplay. Players follow the rhythm (in some rhythm games as a character) until the end where they are given a score based on their performance. The gameplay and music were both well received by critics and consumers. Rhythm Tengoku is very FUN and addicting, similar to the WarioWare series of video games due in part to its simplistic controls and art style. Players unlock more rhythm games by completing the rhythm games in order. The object of each rhythm game is to match the rhythm the game expects of players which varies from stage to stage.