Pokemon Sienna (Gameboy Advance - GBA)

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The day has finally come, the day for your era to begin. After months of waiting, you hear of an opening at the Indigo Plateau trainer school in Kanto. After sending off your letter, your CV is rejected. Mostly because of your lack of experience; but, your alternative is to go out on your own journey. Challenging the gyms, and finally the plateau, in Kanto, should be no problem. But, the region is being disturbed by the up-rising of a mysterious team. This ‘team’ have been going around the region and causing havoc, stealing Pokémon and mugging shops. Will you merge in with the group, let them be, or will you stop them on your journey? It’s all up to you!

++ Version 4.1
++ New Region - The beautiful and rugged region of Voultan will be home to many different kinds of Pokémon
++ Decision Based Storyline - Your decisions in-game will affect the direction of the story
++ New Tiles - Realistic and beautiful new buildings in each city
++ New Pokémon - The region of Voultan is home to many exclusive species of Pokémon (FakeMon)
++ Travel Between Different Regions - Visit old and foreign lands, meet new and familiar people
++ New Music - Sienna features excellence new music for some of its routes and cities

      Customer Reviews

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      kenneth miller
      Pokemon sienna

      I'll buy a 2nd copy great game

      Anthony Musco
      Great game for gen 3 lovers

      Love some of the fakemon designs and if you like gen 3 you’ll probably like the older mechanics such as no physical special split. Makes you think about how you build your team.