Pokemon Inclement Emerald EX *Cheat Mode* (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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A "quality of life improvement" type of ROM hack, with 3 different difficulty options and does not alter the main storyline. It retains all the features the original Emerald has, but adds several things to the mix to make it more fulfilling and fun to play such as cheat options. The Real Time Clock is static in this game.  Clock based events not enabled.

+Cheat Mode Included!
+Most non-legendary Pokemon from Gen 1-7
+Pokemon evolution by trading not required
+Three Difficulty Settings: Normal, Hard, Challenge
+Massive Bag: Hold up to 999 of each Item
+Better Training and Stat Boosting
+New Locations: a few new areas
+Custom List of 100 TMs, 8 HMs, 140+ Tutor Moves

    Customer Reviews

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    Will this be the most recent version of the game?

    Hi - This is the latest version (v1.4) of Pokemon Inclement Emerald EX. Please keep in mind this is the 'EX' version, not the normal version. This does include cheat / configuration options accessible in-game.

    Jacob Abbruzzi
    Inclement Emerald- love it, but I have one issue

    I absolutely love the game, and have had it for a bit under a year. Unfortunately for some reason, the cartridge isn’t holding on to saved files for more than a couple hours now. Definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played, but I’d like a fix if possible

    You can contact us for a replacement. We would be more than happy to help you out.

    Just a question

    Just a quick question, how do you use the cheats on a cartridge?

    When you start Pokemon Inclement Emerald EX, leave your room / home and head directly south. You'll see a line of Pokemon. Talk to each one and there will be various options and cheats that you can enable. Thanks!

    Jonathan Fincher
    Pokémon inclement emerald

    It’s a very interesting concept of a Pokémon game where you can do whatever you want in the game and play however you want whenever you want

    Better than expected

    Bought the gane and arrived in just 3 days! The physical box looked pretty original and it’s definitely going into the collection. The gane runs great, barely started it and already chose Scorbunny!! This is gonna be fun