Pokemon CAWPS aka "COPS" (Gameboy Advance GBA)

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Pokemon CAWPS (aka COPS)
-Game Cartridge
-Custom Case
Game Description 
For "Teen" and "Adult" audience due to dialog and humor.

If you think Pokemon games are too kid-friendly for you, then why not take a shot on Pokemon CAWPS? Experience Hoenn region with death, violence, mature dialogues, and funny scenes in this Pokemon game hack for the more mature audiences.

Pokemon CAWPS is fan made Pokemon hack adventure game based on the Pokemon Emerald game. Unlike the base game and other similar hacks, Pokemon CAWPS features a mature theme. In this game, you will start as a young man or young woman who becomes a Police Officer in the Hoenn region. However, the game features a lot of violence, death, and other things that are not suitable for young audiences. The game features 370+ Pokemons, and you get to be a cop!